Unique prcedure, Sincere attitude

From aspect to overall, from design to inner structure, S2 embodies Powerocks precise attitude to present masterpiece to the world.


Taper folding, Beyond imagination

After dozens of times trying on Independent R & D by our designers, besides the continuation of the patented Taper Folding scheme, we again have upgraded the folding structure system, 2 steps 3 seconds to fold, fast and simple. Space area < 0.18 m2, normally contains 2-3 S2 in a trunk.


Elegant craft, lighter/ stronger/ safer

S2 breaks through the tradition way of craft technology for scooters, using automotive die-casting technics, we created Rib-reinforced Unibody, S2 is lighter than traditional scooters but with 40-50% higher intensity. With electrostatic spraying, special anodic oxidation, we create visual and touchable experience compounded with metal and art.


Visible delicacy, 

Invisible strength

Using imported Aircraft Aluminum Alloy as S2's main body frame, low-density, high-strength. Straight rod and handles are made of SCM435 steel, distortion intensity of S2 ascend 5 times.


Tubeless, Slipless

Both front and back wheels of S2 are maintenance-free UST(Universal System of Tubeless), 120Kg max load, not only has solide tires' toughness, but also has pneumatic tires' shock absorption, better performance on any kind of road, more stable in raining days.


2 brakes, 1 button

S2 has 2 brake-systems, back wheel has automotive Drum Brake, with high brake force, ensure the stability when stop the scooter in a high speed. Every time when you hold the brake lever, S2 will also initiate the E-ABS brake system, with TI (Texas Instrumets) Auto-level control chip, safer with more accurate braking. Using double brake modes, braking distance shortened by 50%.


Simple look, Easy ride

After redesigning the head-part of S2 by our engineers, complexity has become effectively unified, giving your a conciser experience. Standard 4 LED battery indicator, even clear in the ride.


Classic continues

Passion red & cool blue, classic color family goes on, for the fashion, for the young. With sports car class baking varnish techs, we make the real touchable color, you just become a view line through the city.