Green power, Continuous power

Every S2 contains 30 high energy density of 18650 Li-ion batteries, in a 13.5Kg body, with 6.6Ah capacity, fit with 36V/350W motor, you can make a 40Km full power range. Equiped with intelligent BMS, more batteries connect in parallel and reasonable arranged, reach the limit of safe operation.


Keep changing with the trend

18650 Li-ion, with energy density 5 times higher than ordinary lead-acid batteries, the power only weighs 1.5 Kg, longer life guaranteed. Laser wilding process ensures the stability, teliability and consistency.


Powerful motor,

Powerful speed

S2 uses brushless hub motor tchnology from Germany, up to 350W, 20% driving force improved, oustanding climbing ability. We even spare no expense to add the 210 non-oriented silicon steel sheet and 38H magnet steel in the motor, effectively extend its operation life and efficiency.


Smart & Reliable BMS

Equiped with AUTOMOTIVE BMS(Battery Management System), as the smart brain of all the battery cells and control center, BMS not only take on the accurate calculation of Charge-discharge, but also offer a 6-level protection for the current, voltage, temperature, etc.


20°, Going up & up

The powerful motor meets beside the quick start, also satisfies the needs for climbing. After formal testing, S2 climbing angle easily go up to 20°, which could fit almost any kind of city roads with slope.


Durability and stability of discharge greatly improved with highly efficient batteries. Perfect NP ratio ensures every cell's discharging security, even after 1000 times of cycle life the battery could still remain 80% of capacity.


Higher tate discharge, Longer cycle life


As 60 Kg for the driver to calculate, S2 could offer a 40 Km drive in the full-charged state. Long enough to satisfy most of the citizens' daily travel need. You only need 0.6 $ to have a 120Km-ride, 1 kWh can make you travel all over the city.


Over heat protection

Thermistor and temperature control processing mechanism ensure the battery works in the standard temperature

Short circuit protection

shut off current automatically when shorted

Over current

shut off current automatically if surpassed


Over charged protection

better protected batteries

Over discharged protection

Thermistor and temperature control processingmechanism ensure the battery works in the standard temperature.

6 protections, a comprehensive safety system


Battery equalization

Minimize voltage deviation to improve high utilization of each battery.

Energy recovery system, saving power

Eco Saving is always in the our product gene, S2 has Brake energy recovery system, the energy comes when you give the scooter a brake or a push, will be recycled to charge the battery by the intelligent electronic systems, giving you more driving range.